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Thigh lifts are surgical procedures performed to correct the problematic aesthetic issues caused by the loss of skin elasticity in the thigh area. Thigh lift (thighplasty) surgery is an effective way to tighten and sculpt the inner and outer thigh regions, and to enhance the shape and contour of the thighs. A thigh lift can also be utilized to improve the appearance of dimpled, sagging, or loose thigh skin.

Although thighplasty is a suitable procedure for any patient desiring to enhance the aesthetic look of their thighs, thigh lifts are most often undertaken by patients who have lost a great deal of weight, whether through a diet and exercise regimen, or after undergoing bariatric (weight loss) surgery. For these patients, thighplasty provides an excellent solution to the aesthetically undesirable problem of excess hanging skin after their massive weight loss, and many patients find that once the excess skin has been removed, they can finally see and enjoy the true fruits of their weight loss efforts.

Thighplasty is a large procedure, requiring a high level of accuracy and surgical proficiency, and should only be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Dr. Katzen is a widely respected expert in the field of cosmetic body surgery, and has helped many patients sculpt and shape their thigh regions with thigh lift surgery at his private practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Katzen specializes in surgical body lift procedures, and has a vast scope of knowledge and expertise performing thigh lift surgeries.


Thighplasty is generally performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia, and the surgery lasts approximately two hours. There are three general types of thighplasty procedures:

  • Inner Thigh Lift: tightens and enhances the appearance and contour of the inner thighs. For this procedure, the incision is made at the junction of the pubic area and the upper thigh.
  • Bilateral Thigh Lift: tightens the skin along both the left and right side of the leg. During this surgery, the incision is made at the top of the leg, close to where the bottom edge of bikini underwear would fall.
  • Medial Thigh Lift:  tightens skin and removes fat from the upper part of the inner thigh. For this procedure the incision begins in the groin area, and runs to the back of the buttock crease.

For patients with a large amount of fatty tissue in the thigh region, liposuction can be performed prior to a thighplasty to augment the surgical results.


Following your thighplasty procedure, temporary drains will be placed to allow the drainage of excess blood and fluid. The drains will generally be removed 5-7 days after your surgery. The extensiveness of your thigh lift surgery will dictate the duration of your post-operative recovery period; however, most patients should plan to set aside 7-14 days for rest and recuperation, and should attempt to minimize leg movement when possible during that period of time. Any post-surgical swelling or bruising usually dissipates within one month, and most patients are able to resume all of their regular daily activities within four to six months.


Dr. Katzen’s practice is built on the foundational principle of surgical customization, meaning that as a patient, you will receive a unique treatment plan, tailored to reflect your specific aesthetic preferences, and designed to bring your surgical goals to fruition. Dr. Katzen and his professional staff have created a warm, welcoming office environment, where you will feel secure and comfortable throughout your thighplasty experience.

Dr. Katzen and his professional team understand the importance of well-informed patients, and will take the time to thoroughly explain your thighplasty procedural details and options. If you would like additional information about thigh lift surgery, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Katzen.

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